Welcome! This blog aims to help those with food sensitivities to get inspired and make the search for products, shops and restaurants (in Belgium) easier. Most posts will be written in Dutch, and in English.

Welkom! Deze blog heeft als doel om mensen met voedselgevoeligheden inspiratie te geven en de zoektocht naar producten, winkels en restaurants (vooral in België) te vergemakkelijken. De meeste posts worden zowel in het Nederlands als het Engels geschreven.

Latest from the blog

Psyllium husk bread / Vlozaadbrood

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The following recipe makes one loaf. I never use the exact same recipe, you can use different nuts and seeds, just ensure to use the right amount of psyllium seeds husks, coconut oil... READ MORE

Smoked duck and fried egg pizza

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I needed a fast dinner, craved some pizza but the only thing in my fridge that could be used as a pizza topping was smoked duck. Challenge accepted. The only thing I will... READ MORE

Gevulde aubergine of courgette

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Gevulde aubergine of courgette is een makkelijk te bereiden avondmaal, ideaal om de restjes groenten uit je frigo te verwerken. Neem as basis een courgette of aubergine en vul met de groentjes naar jouw keuze.... READ MORE

Natura – Brussels’ 100% natural sauces

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This morning I came across Natura sauces at the local bio shop, and again at Carrefour. Curious about its ingredients, and motivated by it being produced locally, I was happy to discover their sauces are... READ MORE

Lamb curry with Dosa-style chickpea pancakes

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A good curry takes time to prepare, but is definitely worth it. Serve with dosa-style chickpea or buckwheat pancakes as a gluten free alternative for naan, or with rice. Dose-style buckwheat pancakes can... READ MORE

Cowboy Caviar Dip

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One day, while living in the US as an exchange student, my host family offered Cowboy Caviar. Loved it instantly, so the recipe was written down and taken back to Belgium. Eventhough the dip... READ MORE

Simple dinner: Shrimp Laksa Soup

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A simple, fast soup for dinner. Change the amount of red chiles, depending of how you handle spicy food – and how hot the chilis you have are. Een eenvoudige, snelle soep als... READ MORE